• Zita Joyce University of Canterbury
  • Luke Goode University of Auckland



The last issue of New Zealand Journal of Media Studies, prior to its renaming as Media Studies Journal of Aotearoa New Zealand, focused on the national turbulence of 2011 and included reflection on the media and the earthquakes, with analysis of the immediate coverage of the 22 February disaster as a news event (Beatty 2012), and the eye-witness documentary When a City Falls (Fisher 2012, Austrin and Farnsworth 2012). By mid-2013 the earthquakes, recovery and rebuild still dominated local media in Christchurch and maintained a constant presence in national news, particularly through the advocacy journalism of Campbell Live. We felt that a journal issue dedicated to the mediation of Christchurch’s earthquakes would emphasise the extent to which the disasters still resonate, and the fact that for most New Zealanders, even many in Christchurch, the quakes and aftermath remain a primarily mediated experience.