The Rise of Tactical Partnerships: Media Converging Beyond Ownership


  • Merja Myllylahti Auckland University of Technology



This qualitative research article explores New Zealand media convergence in an increasingly digital media environment. It considers media ownership convergence in the context of the Commerce Commission’s merger rulings in 2017. However, the focus of the research is on other kind of convergences. There is a lack in New Zealand academia of research in this field, and this article aims to help fill the gap. The research maps evolving convergences within New Zealand media sector by utilising Rick Gordon’s (2003) concepts of convergences as its analytical framework. It utilises document analysis method, and the primary data is collected from academic reports, corporate and government documents and news articles. The article finds that beyond ownership convergence, tactical and structural convergences are rapidly expanding in New Zealand media sector, and these arrangements may well expand as the Commerce Commission has denied major mergers. Content-sharing between media organisations has become more common because of the increasing importance of audience size and website traffic.