Paratexts, Industrial Reflexivity, Affective Labour and King Kong: Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries


  • Thierry Jutel Victoria University of Wellington



King Kong: Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries (2005), a self-contained DVD package released at the same time as King Kong (2005) is an example of paratext and of what John Caldwell calls ‘industrial reflexivity’. While cast as a direct act of communication with fans and as a means of revealing the behind-the-scene workings of Jackson and his crew, the Production Diaries work also as industrial discourse which seek to portray creative labour as a space of enjoyment, of affective investment and of individual fulfilment within a group of highly talented and motivated individuals. The diaries are both the production and the record of the creative labour and its transformation into a commodified media object through the process of affective labour. The Production Diaries provide an image of production for both external and internal purposes.

Author Biography

Thierry Jutel, Victoria University of Wellington

Professor, Film Studies Programme